Admission Open for Class Nursery to 1st for Session 2024-25 Admission Open for Class Nursery to 1st for Session 2024-25


Science Laboratories:
To inculcate scientific spirit and aptitude, the school has spacious, furnished, well equipped Physics, Chemistry, Biology laboratories.

Physics Lab:
Named after world known scientist Dr.Homi Jahangir Bhabha, the physics lab is equipped with all latest apparatus required. The lab enables our future physicist to learn the toughest laws of physics in the easiest way with maximum clarity.The lab is equipped with smart board whereby interactive power with student increases.

Chemistry Lab:
The chemistry lab named after Sir CV Raman is the most suitable place for the budding scientist to understand the mysteries and elements of nature and nourish spirit of experimentation and discovery. The lab is fully equipped with all necessary equipments and chemicals of the best quality. Lab Assistants provide full cooperation to students besides taking care of their safety during experiments.

Biology Lab:
The biology lab named after well known scientist Shri Jagdish Chandra Bose is a real tribute to this great Indian. The lab is equipped with all necessary apparatus, equipments, Charts, models and huge variety of specimens which help future scientists and medical aspirants in studying life processes and human anatomy in a smooth manner.Hassle free and eye- catching interactive modules through smart Board teaching definitely lay a permanent impact of the child’s mind.